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The IOS Holiday Party will be at Hausermann's in December.  If you have never attended, here is a reprint from the 2015 Orchid Opus describing the event.

  For those of you who have joined the IOS in 2015, and haven’t attended our event at Orchids by  Hausermann’s, this is not an event to miss!  I can safely say that this is one of my favorite events  all year.  For certain, this seems to be the best attended event we have – and I hope it will be this  year again.  If anyone has concerns about carpooling, I urge you to get out your 2015 membership  directory and see who lives near you – you may not need a ride – but maybe they do....get to know  your closest orchid neighbors – kind of what the holidays are all about, right?

  Don’t forget your IOS membership card.  Most likely you will find some orchid at Hausermann’ s  you just have to have and NEED – you’ll need to show your membership card to receive the 5%  membership discount that Hausermann’s generously gives to current IOS members.  I hope you will  be showing them your 2016 membership card – to show you have already renewed.  If not, I am sure  that Chris will be happy to get you a brand-new, sparkling card for your 2016 use.

  Doors open at 11:00 am.  Plant judging will be take place, so be sure to have your plants on the  judging table by 12:30 pm at the latest.  Wrap your plants up well – who knows what the day will be  like...  If you haven’t already dug out those self-heating hand warmers to put in your plant boxes, plan  ahead and find them now.

  This is a pot-luck event, so please bring a dish ‘to pass’ that will feed approx. 6 to 10 people.  I  know we have Top Shelf cooks in our group – I’ve been to this event before...  What your dish is, is  up to you; there will be areas for both sweets and savories - on the tables and on the plates.  Don’t  forget the utensils to serve your dish.  I do suggest putting your name on your utensils; just to be sure  no one mistakes it for one of their own.  Plates, napkins, and eating utensils will be provided.

  We will plan on eating starting at 12:30 pm, as we have done in the past.  Please give people  an opportunity to get to Hausermann’s and have a little shopping/socializing before the eating  commences.  You’ll want to make sure your offering is covered until all is set up and ready.  I am  pretty sure that Hausermann’s will be putting out their ever popular punch for us – both spiked and   plain.  Family members are invited to attend, but please plan on bringing a dish for each person you  bring with you.

  After lunch, we will hold our Secret/Dirty Santa, Orchid-themed gift exchange.   You are not required  to participate, but it is very fun if you do.  Only those who bring a gift can take a gift though.  Either  way, plan on sticking around, as this part of day is usually hysterical.  We don’t have dollar value  required for the gift, but I would guess at least $10.00 - $15.00, if forced to say .  Your gift needs to be  orchid-related, please.  It can be either seriously orchid related, such as a plant, such as a bag o’bark,  or something similar.  Or it can be orchid related fun, such as a bank dressed up with orchids and  labeled as ‘Orchid funds’.  Your imagination is your limit, but again, it needs to be orchid related.   I  have been asked to have some of my hot pepper jelly as my wrapped gift – doesn’t sound too Orchid  related to me – I wonder how I can make that fit the’ll have to attend to find  out...

Where does the ‘Dirty’ come into this?  Well, think ‘stealing’ as a dirty trick (we keep this clean, of  course!)  We will hand out numbers, and everyone will have an opportunity to pick out a wrapped  gift.  When your turn comes, you then have to show the crowd what you picked.   This is essential,  because the person who has the number after you has the opportunity to either pick a gift from  the table for themselves, or STEAL yours or someone else’s who picked previously (sorry, you will  have to show what has already been picked, to give the opportunity for ‘stealing’).   There is a limit  to these shenanigans of course, and a gift is only allowed to be stolen twice.   After the 2nd steal, it  is considered safe and can’t be taken away again.  It is always fun to see what gets stolen, and how  many times.  Most popularly ‘stolen’ items in the past have been plants, plants and PLANTS, or and  other related orchid stuff, like orchid gift cards, etc, but again, let your imagination be your guide.

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