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  • published Exhibitor/Vendor Registration in Spring Show 2017-11-01 19:36:37 -0500

    Exhibitor/Vendor Registration

    Registration for the Spring Show, Orchids: East to West, will close on Monday, February 26, 2018.

  • published Exhibit Registration in Fall Show 2017-10-04 09:13:54 -0500

    Exhibit Registration

    Exhibit Registration for the Illinois Orchid Society Fall Show closed on October 4, 2017.  

    The following exhibitors will be present at the show.

    Wisconsin Orchid Society
    C & J High
    Tony Quirk
    Beth Engle
    Anne Kotowski
    Kay Perry, Synda Nelson, & Jim Ault
    Joe and Rosalie Dixler
    The Organic and the Concrete...Urban Orchids (Jerry Seidel)
    Orchids by Hausermann
    Joan Goodman
    Prayool Inboriboon
    Arnold Klehm
    Illinois Orchid Society
    Batavia Orchid Society

  • published Plant Registration in Spring Show 2016-12-04 12:30:55 -0600

    Plant Registration

    Plant Registration and Exhibitor Identification

    1) Fill out the plant registration spreadsheet and the exhibitor identification spreadsheet.

    • If bringing plants for the IOS display, you only need to fill out the plant registration spreadsheet with the name of your plant and the class.
    • If your are an exhibitor, prior to the show you will receive an exhibit number from the show chair.  This is your exhibit ID.  Each member of your exhibit should be identified by a letter.  For example, if you are exhibit 6, then as the first exhibitor in your exhibit, you would be 6A.
    2) Send the registration spreadsheets to the Lois Cinert at george.cinert@att.net.

    Reference Documents

    The Illinois Orchid Society Spring Show is an American Orchid Society judged show. The following modified entry rules and schedule are available:

    The Show Schedule will tell you the proper classes in which to enter your plants, art work, exhibits, etc..   For the more common genera this should be the only reference document you'll need to register your plants, but if you are registering unusual or unfamiliar plants whose alliances you don't know you will have to look them up to determine what classes they belong in. You can do this by consulting the list of MAOC Class Codes and the Intergeneric Hybrid Makeup list.  Some genera are assigned to more than one class code based on flower color or hybridization. When multiple class codes are indicated, go back to the IOS Entry Schedule above to pick the appropriate one. The most recent MAOC Class Codes and Intergeneric Hybrid Makeup list are available at the Mid-America Orchid Congress website.    

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    Volunteer for Spring Show

    Help is always needed  for our shows and partnering with the Chicago Botanic Gardens Show. By volunteering, you get free access to the show on non-IOS show weekends and you can help educate others about orchids.

    Here is a description of the volunteer jobs.

    Docents - No experience necessary! 2 volunteers are needed for each shift on Saturdays & Sundays. No more than 2 Docents will be allowed into the Greenhouses and CBG show on the IOS Show Weekend.  Visitors have questions about orchids and you will try to answer them as best you can. We provide cheat sheets with what we find are the typical questions asked, as well as fun facts pertaining to the show. You will be positioned in the greenhouses and be close to a CBG volunteer. This is a fun way to see the show in the warmth of the greenhouses during the cold Chicago winter and help people learn about orchids.  Feel free to move about if you’d like, you don’t need to stand in just one place.

    Repotting/Bark - We provide a repotting service for visitors each weekend of the CBG show and our IOS show weekend. Do you repot your own orchids? If so, you can do this! If not, we’ll pair up up with an experienced member and you can learn until your comfortable. 2 volunteers are needed for each shift on Saturdays & Sundays. We also sell bark. 

    Set Up/Unloading  - The IOS Show ONLY, setup is on Friday from 12pm-2pm. 4-6 volunteers are needed to shirt tables. At 2pm, vendors & exhibitors arrive to start setting up their displays & sales tables.  Help needed to unload vendor vehicles and moving plants to the display or sale area! 3 volunteers are needed for each shift.  No experience necessary.

    Membership - Share your enthusiasm for orchids by talking to the visitors and signing them up to join the IOS! 2 volunteers are needed for each shift. An inexperienced member will be paired with an experienced member, so you can learn what to do. Do you like to talk, meet & greet? This is for you!

    Plant Registration - Assist Diane Mulkerin in making labels and registering orchids for judging on Friday afternoon. Computer skills (familiarity with Microsoft Access a plus) and the ability to use a paper cutter are needed for this task.

    Clerking - Are you an early riser? Do you want to learn more about orchids and how they are judged? Saturday morning, 7am-10am, we need 20 clerks to assist the judges. If you have never clerked, we will pair you with an experienced clerk. It’s easy to learn and FUN!

    Plant Sales - The IOS will have a plant sales table at our show. Members can bring plants for the club to sell. Some knowledge of orchids is helpful. There should be 2-3 volunteers for each shift, so on-the-job training is available!

    Hospitality - The society has a hospitality room for food & drink. 2 Volunteers are needed to help set it up, put food out and then one needs to refill food & drinks thru out the show hours. No experience needed!

    Children's Table - We will have a table with a fun craft for children.  We will need a volunteer to help the kids with the craft and to keep the area clean.

    AOS Membership - If you are a member of the AOS, you can sign up to work the AOS membership table and encourage people to join the AOS.

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    Spring Show


    The Illinois Orchid Society will be providing information on orchids and docents for the Orchid Show at the Chicago Botanic Garden every Saturday and Sunday, starting February 11 and ending on our show weekend, March 10-11, 2018.


    2018 IOS Spring Show Schedule of Events

    February 10-11:

    Orchid Show opens at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

    10-4pm. Volunteers needed to man the membership table, docent, repot orchids, and sell bark.

    February 17-18:

    10-4pm. Volunteers needed to man the membership table, docent, repot orchids, and sell bark.

    February 24-25:

    10-4pm. Volunteers needed to man the membership table, docent, repot orchids, and sell bark.

    March 3-4:

    10-4pm. Volunteers needed to man the membership table, docent, repot orchids, and sell bark.


    Illinois Orchid Society Show Weekend!

    Fri. March 9:

    12 noon. Display set up starts in Nichols Hall

    2pm - 8pm. Vendors, Exhibitor  & Display set up.

    2:30pm - 6pm. Plant registration


    Sat. Mar. 10:

    7am - 10am Ribbon judging.  Volunteer to Clerk.

    10am. AOS Judging (until done).

    10am - 4pm. Show Hours


    Sun. Mar. 11:

    9am - 10am. Photographers only

    10am - 4pm. Show Hours

    4pm - 6pm. Show Tear down


    You can sign up to Volunteer for any week during the IOS supported weekends of the CBG show or for the IOS Show weekend.  You can also sign up to be an Exhibitor or Vendor for the IOS Show weekend and as a vendor for the Orchid Marketplace.


    The IOS will be assisting in the Orchid Marketplace for 2 additional weekends.

    Mar 17-18:

    Volunteers not needed.  Vendors only.

    Mar 24-25:

    Volunteers not needed.  Vendors only.


    March 11, 2018 at 10am - March 12, 2018 at 4pm
    Chicago Botanic Garden
    1000 Lake Cook Rd
    Glencoe, IL 60022
    United States
    Google map and directions

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    Become a volunteer

    The Illinois Orchid Society operates entirely on volunteer time. Please help support our society by volunteering.

    Become a volunteer