To spread the love and knowledge of orchids.

Next meeting:

September 12, 2021 Chicago Botanic Garden Directions

11:30am Mentors Meeting in the Pullman Room.  Julie Hall and Jerry Seidel, hosting.  Bring questions and/or plants for help with orchid culture.

11:30am - 12:30pm  Have plants for judging in place by 12:30pm.  Complete Plant Judging form for each plant being judged. 

12:30pm  The September workshop will be "Gathering together and reconnecting with each other".  It's been so long, let's network.

1:15pm  Meet in the Auditorium for Society update

1:30pm  Featured Speaker: Jean Allen-Ikeson will be presenting on Oncidium fuscatum and it's Hybrids (Wildcat, Catatante, etc.)

Members-  Please come to the Chicago Botanic Garden Sept.12.  You have the added bonus of visiting the gardens themselves as well as sharing your love for orchids!  

Questions?  Contact [email protected]


Please note: No recording or videotaping of our meetings or guest speakers without the express written approval by the Illinois Orchid Society Board of Directors and knowledge of the Society members.