To spread the love and knowledge of orchids.

Next meetings:

Our April meeting has been cancelled due to concerns about the health of our IOS members, Coronavirus and restrictions by the State of Illinois.

May meeting info below, but should be considered to be tentative until we are closer to the date.  

May 3rd, Chicago Botanic Gardens (if open)

Planned speaker:  Dr. Ken Cameron, speaking on Vanilla Orchids. 

Please see The Chicago Botanic Gardens website: call their main number at: 847.835.5440 if you have any questions about what is opened or closed at the CBG. 

Please put our 2020 Fall show to be held October 10th and 11th on your calendars now.  


Generally, meetings at CBG are as follows (subject to change):

11:00 a.m. Meet & Greet
11:30 a.m. Mentors Meeting
12:30 p.m. Plant judging starts
12:30 p.m. Monthly workshop (if any)
Short Business Meeting
1:15 p.m. approx., Speaker begins

Please note: No recording or videotaping of our meetings or guest speakers without the express written approval by the Illinois Orchid Society Board of Directors and knowledge of the Society members.