2022 Fall Show

Come see us at the Chicago Botanic Garden October 8-9, 2022 for our fall show 'Orchid Eruption'!

The Illinois Orchid Society holds two shows each year. One in March, in tandem with the ticketed show put on by the Chicago Botanic Garden, and a second show in October when society members are encouraged to put on individual or group displays to let their personal creativity and character of their collections take the stage.

The theme we have chosen for our October show this year is “Orchid Eruption”, because as the autumn chill sets in there is no better escape than your favorite tropical archipelago.

Once inside the Garden, the orchid show is free. Non-garden-members can find the link to purchase parking and garden admission here.

Pictures and video are strongly encouraged, especially with the hashtag #IOSOrchidShow, and there is a special photographer’s hour at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday to give tripod photographers an opportunity to set up and shoot without conflict with the crowd. This year, we are inviting social media creators to take part in this access. If you would like to take longer format video or conduct interviews, please contact the Show Chair at [email protected].

Our show is many things: an exhibit, a marketplace for live orchids, a friendly competition a bit like a county fair. We offer a repotting service, and we LOVE to answer questions and talk about orchids. The Illinois Orchid Society is also looking for other people to share this passion, whether novice or tenured, young or young at heart, and would love nothing more than for you to join the club!

Please refer to the Chicago Botanic Garden website for the latest in Covid-19 related restrictions. As of July 9, 2022, we still plan to have a show, but conditions continue to develop. We cant wait to see you there!

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