2023 Fall Show


Join the Illinois Orchid Society for our biannual Orchid Show and Sale at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
The show is FREE, garden parking and admission fees apply.

1:00pm How to Repot your Orchid
2:00pm Basic Orchid Care (Spanish)
3:00pm Basic Orchid Care (English)

  • See hundreds of orchids from private collections compete in 130 categories
  • Shop orchid plants and supplies
  • Meet local enthusiasts and experts
  • $5 orchid repotting service

Join the Illinois Orchid Society as we celebrate the orchids of the Americas, and their connection to the diverse cultures and habitats of these regions.


Sales tables are sold in pairs, plus one free table for storage. IOS members may sell plants and supplies at the member sales table, with sales facilitated by the club.

All vendors must have an exhibit in our show. Use the link in the next section to register as a vendor, and to have an exhibit.


To have a display in our show, you must follow three steps:

  1. Follow this link to register your display and vendor tables
    This is due by September 29th.

  2. Download the Exhibitor Identification Spreadsheet
    and email it to [email protected]
    This is due by October 12th

  3. Download the Plant/Object Registration Spreadsheet
    and email it to [email protected]
    This is due by 6:00pm October 13th

Setup is from noon to 6:00 p.m. Friday October 13th, 2023.

Your exhibit will be given a number by the show chair (emailed to you after completing the form in step 1), and you will assign each person in your display a letter. So if you are exhibit 6, then you are 6A, and your friends are 6B, 6C and so on.

For questions, contact David Kirk at [email protected]

The Illinois Orchid Society Spring Show is an American Orchid Society judged show. Here are our entry rules and schedule.



The Show Schedule will tell you the proper classes in which to enter your plants, art work, exhibits, etc..   For the more common genera this should be the only reference document you'll need to register your plants, but if you are registering unusual or unfamiliar plants whose alliances you don't know you will have to look them up to determine what classes they belong in. You can do this by consulting the list of MAOC Class Codes and the Intergeneric Hybrid Makeup list.  Some genera are assigned to more than one class code based on flower color or hybridization. When multiple class codes are indicated, go back to the IOS Entry Schedule above to pick the appropriate one.


The schedule is updated by hand. Please allow time for your submission to appear.

Follow this link to sign up to volunteer at our show.

Follow this link to see what you signed up for.

Here is how our volunteers participate at our shows.

Set Up/Unloading – Friday from 12pm-2pm, 4-6 volunteers are needed to skirt tables. At 2pm, help unload vehicles and move plants to the display or sale area.

Plant Registration – Friday from 4pm-8pm, assist Diane Mulkerin in making labels and registering orchids for judging. Computer skills and using a paper cutter are needed.

Clerking – Saturday from 7am-10am, we need 20 clerks to assist the AOS Judges. Do you want to learn more about orchids and how they are judged? It is easy and fun!

Repotting - We provide a repotting service for $5 per plant. New members can gain invaluable hands-on experience and will be paired with an experienced member.

Membership - Share your enthusiasm for orchids by talking to visitors and signing them up to join the IOS!

AOS Membership - If you are a member of the AOS, you can sign up to encourage people to join the AOS.

Plant Sales - Members can bring plants for the club to sell. Some knowledge of orchids is helpful.

Hospitality - The IOS has a hospitality room downstairs. Volunteers set out, refresh, and safely store food for IOS members, AOS judges and exhibitors.

Plant Sale Guidelines

INTRODUCTION: As noted in the last IOS newsletter, I will be running the membership plant sales at our Fall 2023 show. Please direct any questions or other communications to me (Robbi) at [email protected], and I will get back to you asap.  

If you would like to sell plants or divisions, supplies, and other orchid-related items, we provide a venue at our shows.  In order to sell any items at the show, each item requires a NEW bar-coded label, which enables the IOS to track members’ sales and later send a check to you for your sold items (less the 26% portion retained by the IOS). With your cooperation, I know we will have a very successful plant sale.  

PROCEDURE FOR REQUESTING LABELS: please submit a list of your sale items to me via Excel Spreadsheet (preferred; completed only shaded columns) or fillable PDF if you are Excel-challenged.  These forms are available on the IOS website, and will be distributed along with the January 2022 newsletter.  If Excel and PDF are not within your vocabulary, send via e-mail only (I do not take dictation, so do not call!) the list of plants, helpful descriptive information, along with the price you are asking for each plant to the [email protected] address.  Snail mail is an option – I’m in the directory – but please mail your list early!  I will create the bar-coded labels in response to all requests and mail them to you. 

TIMING FOR REQUESTING LABELS: As the show is now scheduled for the weekend of October 14 - 15, all label requests must be sent to me by 9/29/2023 or before, about 2 weeks before show time.  This allows me time to input and create the labels and mail them to you, and allows you ample time to receive them, check for accuracy, and affix them to your sale items. Late requests will be considered, but I make no guarantee that you will receive your labels in a timely manner.  If you do not have your labels at least one week prior to the show, and you sent me your labels by the above due date, please contact me at the e-mail address above.  I will not be creating any labels on Friday during setup.

AFFIXING LABELS:  The label you receive from me must be the only bar-code on the item, so please remove all other labels.  The labels will be scanned, so please do not challenge the scanner (equipment or volunteer) by wrapping the label around the plant pot.  Consider affixing it vertically, along a blank plant tag, so that the code is readable.  Be creative!

PLANT SALE OPERATIONS: Plant sales will officially open for business on when all plants have been labeled and put on tables, the Square system is up and running, and at my whim.  Any plants that are put aside but have not been purchased will be put back onto the sales table as soon as noticed.  Please label your purchased plants to avoid confiscation and return to the sales table.


  • Plants that look good are more likely to be sold. Remove dead leaves, spiff up the living leaves, re-pot, add an information card with a flower photo.

  • Plants that show insects, diseases, or just look bad, will not be sold, at my discretion. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t sell it.

  • If you are bringing little, wee plants to sell, or unstable items, be sure to put them into something that prevents them from being easily knocked over – like a tray, muffin tin, or a bigger, more stable pot.

Hopefully, by following these guidelines, everyone will have a profitable and enjoyable sales experience!

Again, if you have any questions about any of this, please contact me (Robbi) at:  [email protected].

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