Volunteer roles

Interested in volunteering for our Fall Show but not sure how you can help?  Please contact:

David Kirk at d[email protected]

Volunteers are needed Friday - Sunday.  


Help is always needed for our shows.  A show won't happen without volunteers.  Here is a description of the volunteer jobs.

Set Up/Unloading  - Setup for the show is Friday, 12-4pm. 2-3 volunteers are needed to skirt tables, help layout the exhibit area and prepare the show area. At 1pm, exhibitors arrive to start setting up their displays and people will start bringing plants for the sales tables.  Help needed to unload vendor vehicles and moving plants to the display or sale area! 2-3 volunteers are needed for each shift.  No experience necessary.

Membership - Share your enthusiasm for orchids by talking to the visitors and signing them up to join the IOS! 2 volunteers are needed for each shift. An inexperienced member will be paired with an experienced member, so you can learn what to do. Do you like to talk, meet & greet? This is for you!

Plant Registration - Assist Diane Mulkerin and Lois Cinert in making labels and registering orchids for judging on Friday afternoon. Computer skills (familiarity with Microsoft Access a plus) and the ability to use a paper cutter are needed for this task.

Clerking - Are you an early riser? Do you want to learn more about orchids and how they are judged? Saturday morning, 7am-10am, we need 20 clerks to assist the judges. If you have never clerked, we will pair you with an experienced clerk. It’s easy to learn and FUN!

Repotting - We provide a repotting service for visitors during our show. Do you repot your own orchids? If so, you can do this! If not, we’ll pair you up with an experienced member and you can learn until you are comfortable. 2 volunteers are needed for each shift.

Plant Sales - At the Fall show and sale, the IOS sells member plants as well as plants from participating vendors.  We will also sell bark. Help will be needed on Friday to label sale plants and to sell plants during the show on Saturday and Sunday. Some knowledge of orchids is helpful as customers may want help picking out an orchid or wish to know how to grow one.  2-3 volunteers needed to help sell orchids each shift and at least one volunteer needed to man the register.  The register is easy to use and only requires a few minutes of training.

Hospitality - The society has a hospitality room for food & drink. 2 Volunteers are needed to help set it up, put food out and then one needs to refill food & drinks throughout the show hours. On Sunday, the hospitality volunteers will clean up the remaining food and the room about 2 hours prior to the close of the show.  No experience needed!

Children's Table - We will have a table with a fun craft for children.  We will need a volunteer to help the kids with the craft and to keep the area clean.

AOS Membership - If you are a member of the AOS, you can sign up to work the AOS membership table and encourage people to join the AOS.


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