Chicago Judging Center Calendar 

Date Event Location, building City
6/13/2015 CJC Judging Chicago Botanic Gardens, Annex #1 Glencoe, IL
7/11/2015 CJC Judging & Semi Annual Meeting Pullman Room, Regenstein Center  
7/26/2015 Central Iowa Speakers Day Camp Dodge Recreation Center Johnston, IA
8/8/2015 CJC Judging Chicago Botanic Gardens, Annex #1 Glencoe, IL
9/12/2015 CJC Judging Chicago Botanic Gardens, Annex #1 Glencoe, IL
9/19/2015 Wisconsin Show Mitchell Park Domes Milwaukee, WI
10/10/2014 CJC Judging In conjunction with Illinois Show  
10/10/2014 Illinois Orchid Society Fall Show Chicago Botanic Gardens Glencoe, IL
10/17/2015 Eastern Iowa Orchid Show and Sale Noelridge Park Greenhouse Cedar Rapis, IA
11/14/2015 CJC Judging Chicago Botanic Gardens, Annex #1 Glencoe, IL
12/12/2015 CJC Judging Chicago Botanic Gardens, Annex #1 Glencoe, IL


Orchid societies

American Orchid Society (AOS)

Batavia Orchid Society

Central Illinois Orchid Society

Central Indiana Orchid Society

Eastern Iowa Orchid Society

Michiana Orchid Society

Northeastern Wisconsin Orchid Society

Orchid Growers Guild

Wisconsin Orchid Society


Commercial members

Anything Orchids

Big Grow Hydro

B & H Orchids

Chalet Nursery

Clown Alley Orchids

Klehm Growers

Leo Schordje

Orchids by Hausermann

Orchid Trading Company

Natt's Orchids

Bil Nelson




Websites dedicated to orchid conservation & research

Mid-American Orchid Congress - an organization of orchid societies dedicated to preservation of orchids in their natural habitats, the propagation of orchids by seed and cuttings, the development of new and better plants through breeding, and providing information to growers who subscribe to our principles.

Native Orchid Conference

Orchid Conservation Alliance

Orchid Conservation Coalition

Orchids of Illinois

Plants of Concern (The Chicago Botanic Garden) - a volunteer monitoring program for rare plants in the Chicago region.



American Orchid Society (AOS) - Webinars, Orchids magazine, and so much more.

Go OrchidsGo Orchids is a tool to explore orchids native to the U.S. and Canada.

Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia - 16,650 species in 777 genera, this site is great at updating names and giving name synonyms

Sanders Orchids - This web site is a celebration of the historical Sander contribution to the orchid world and includes digital copies of all four volumes of Reichenbachia. 

The Orchid Mall - The Orchid Mall © is a listing of links to various informational and commercial sources about orchids.