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The main purpose of our shows is for you to show off your flowering orchids. For our Fall show, the emphasis really is on IOS member displays, either as individuals or with a group of friends. If you have fewer than four flowering plants, you may add them to the IOS society display, but with four or more you must make a display.

To have a display in our show, you must fill our three separate forms. If you think about it, there's a logical flow. You must register your exhibit, register the people who will participate in the exhibit, and register each plant so that they can be assessed by the AOS judges in an organized fashion.

You will find all of that on this page.

If you just want to show your plants in the IOS group display, skip down to where it says "exhibitor identification" and "plant/object registration for judging". There is a limit of three plants for the IOS display. If you make your own, you can enter as many as you want.

Setup is from noon to 6:00pm, Friday October 8th, 2021. IOS members must present their current 2021 membership badge for entry.

Scroll down for more.


Keep in mind the theme is "All you need is Orchids". Will you incorporate tie-dye or colorful fabric and beads? A little hippie van or Volkswagen Beetle? Fall is the time to let loose and have fun!


Your exhibit will be given a number by the show chair (emailed to you after completing the above form), and you will assign each person in your display a letter. So if you are exhibit 6, then you are 6A, and your friends are 6B, 6C and so on.


The Illinois Orchid Society Fall Show is an American Orchid Society judged show. Here are our entry rules and schedule:



The Show Schedule will tell you the proper classes in which to enter your plants, art work, exhibits, etc..   For the more common genera this should be the only reference document you'll need to register your plants, but if you are registering unusual or unfamiliar plants whose alliances you don't know you will have to look them up to determine what classes they belong in. You can do this by consulting the list of MAOC Class Codes and the Intergeneric Hybrid Makeup list.  Some genera are assigned to more than one class code based on flower color or hybridization. When multiple class codes are indicated, go back to the IOS Entry Schedule above to pick the appropriate one. The most recent MAOC Class Codes and Intergeneric Hybrid Makeup list are available at the Mid-America Orchid Congress website.  

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